Avoid the Malls!Thanksgiving is one of our special holidays filled with love, awareness of all our blessings, togetherness and such a beautiful peaceful picture of the changing seasons.

Then, the next day!!!!! ENTER BLACK FRIDAY!!!

This event now starts earlier, keeps getting longer and for some has turned into ugly scenes of pushing, struggling to grab merchandise, frantic behavior, verbal abuse and just plain old rudeness. What was fun has brought out the worse in lots of shoppers.

Do you want to get up very early to be a part of this nightmare OR …….would you accept our invitation to shop at Village Emporium? Spend your Black Friday browsing aisles of SMALL BUSINESSES packed with a huge assortment of vintage, antique, handmade and new-from-market merchandise and needless to say, we do have lots of holiday selections!

Shop at Village EmporiumBring family and friends to share your hassle-free shopping experience here at Village Emporium.

Thank you for supporting us by being such great customers for so many years,
Dianne, Workers and Vendors

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