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Celebrating Elvis

Elvis MemorabiliaCome see this new collection for sale!  Records, tapes, movies, books, toys, plates, bags, artwork.

Celebrating Elvis all month with memorabilia, items for sale and a special
Day of Remembering Elvis

Thursday August 30th, 10:00am-5:30 pm

New Vendor

Paul Wayne Laporte
WW2 Military Hats and Armor Model Collection

Wayne Laporte is a long time military history buff (mainly WW2) and who collects die cast planes and vehicles.  He developed his military history interest as a result of hearing war stories from his father who was a WW2 veteran.After college he started a man-cave showing the evolution of both aircraft and armor (tanks, trucks and cannon) from early to current years.  Wayne then started building professional quality models of planes and armor.

Family expansion of children, however, resulted in the loss of his man-cave and the models were sold or given to friends and family.  Upon the last child leaving college, Wayne started another man-cave and filled it with pre-built plastic and die cast models of planes and armor.

Now, like many baby-boomers, he is downsizing and selling off some of his military hats and armor model collection here at Village Emporium.

Currently, he has many 1/32 scale WW2 German armor vehicles available to purchase.

Come in and see this very interesting collection!

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