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Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup


Village Emporium is excited to be selling Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup! All organic ingredients using local raw honey – one tablespoon a day is a proven immunity booster and anti-inflammatory supplement. Taken as directed, this syrup will reduce the severity and duration of viruses and the flu. It even helps fight allergies!


Stop in our shop and pick up a bottle! We’re open 10-6 daily & Sundays 1-5. 1615 Sardis Road North in Charlotte

Ukuleles at Village Emporium


Beginner Ukulele Class
Kathy and Justin from The Music Makers will teach participants how to tune, strum, and play basic chords on this fun, little instrument.  The ukulele has become popular recently as it is being used in today’s popular music.  It’s easy to learn so even those with no prior music experience can be successful.  Participants will be playing songs right away giving them confidence in their music making abilities.  Some practice outside of the class will be necessary. An approved ukulele and tuner will need to be purchased for this class. Learning the ukulele is an easy and fun way for families to share and make music together. We love to see parents learning with their children so a discount is always given for parents.
Available Locations, Days and Times:
100 E. McDowell St., Matthews 28105
Thursdays – 7:00 to 7:45 p.m.
The Matthews Community Center is a beautiful, Historic Landmark located in downtown Matthews. It houses Fullwood Theater, home of the Matthews Playhouse, and is a busy place full of family friendly activities. You can sign up for classes at this location by clicking here.
1627 Sardis Rd. N., Charlotte NC 28270
Wednesdays – 7:00 to 7:45 p.m.
This Hawaiian themed shop is the perfect place for a ukulele class! It has a cool, relaxed vibe with couches, local art, game table tops and shelves of board games. It’s a great family friendly hang out. Register for classes at this location by filling out the below form. Your ukulele can be purchased right next door at Village Emporium.
Ages:  7 years to adults of all ages (Parent accompaniment is recommended for ages 7 and 8.)
Dates: 10 weeks – Spring classes – week of March 25th to week of June 3rd, 2019
(no classes the week of April 22nd)
Price:  $169.00 (siblings, parents or other family members pay only $139.00)
Price Includes: 10 lessons, recordings of practice songs, and printed teaching materials.
Ukuleles: The ukuleles and tuners that are approved for the class, can be purchased at
Village Emporium. Ukuleles come in a variety of colors, sizes and price ranges, starting at $39.99. The price for a tuner is $11.99.

Coat Drive

It appears that winter has finally resurfaced and we all need those extra layers to stay warm. For many, that just means
opening a drawer or pulling out a coat or sweater from several that we seldom wear.

You are invited to participate in our Coat Drive to share with those of all ages and sizes by donating warm hats, scarves,
coats, jackets, gloves, sweaters and even blankets to make these colder days comfortable for so many people in our own area.

Drop off your kind gifts of love at the shop beginning Saturday January 12th 10:00AM-6:00PM weekdays and Sundays 1:00PM-5:00PM
for the remainder of January.

Thank you for your help,

Dianne Kennedy and vendors

Vendor Space Available

Join our team of  vendors in 2019

Updated 1/7/19 – Please call or visit us soon to reserve room for your merchandise.  We currently have space available.


Booth Sizes and Prices

  • Booth – Approx 8′ wide x 5′ 10″ deep $165.00 per month
  • 1/2 Booth – Approx 4′ wide x 5′ 10″ deep $82.50 per month
  • Bookcase – Approx 32″ wide x 5′ high x 10″ deep $55.00 per month

10% commission and only a 3 month lease is required.

Call the store at 704/849-8225 for more or additional information. or email us at

Holiday Extravaganza Saturday!

November 3rd, Saturday at 10:00-6:00

You are invited to attend our
FIFTH ANNUAL HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA Saturday, November 3RD at 10:00am-6:00pm

There is a nip of chill in the air and leaves are beginning to fall announcing days of festivity ahead.

Time to decorate for Thanksgiving and very soon Christmas!

We invite you to join us Saturday to stock up on home decor decorations, clothing items, garden flags, wreaths and more to enjoy throughout the fall and Thanksgiving season. Also, many vendors are already selling Christmas products and more will be added throughout the weeks ahead.

Please forward your email to your family and friends. Help us have a great day as we prepare our hearts and homes for the coming holidays.

Thanks for supporting our local vendors!

Dianne Kennedy
Village Emporium

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