Village Emporium


Sidewalk Sale 8/20 Saturday

Please allow me to interrupt your wonderful leisure days of summer to invite you to our
AUGUST SIDEWALK SALE, Saturday August 20th, 10:00am-5:30pm.

Since it is too hot to enjoy many activities now, consider stopping by and taking a look at many tables filled with such a wide variety of merchandise outside under our covered area and then enjoy the cool, inviting booths inside. There will be so much to choose from and many great sale prices. Some will be offering varied percentages off selected items or off whole booths. We must make room for fall and holiday items!

New vendors are in the process of moving in and we know you will be excited to see some new faces and great new ideas and merchandise. There is much more to come! Share the excitement with your friends, family and on your Facebook page. You might consider forwarding this email to others too.

Please plan to share part of your Saturday with us and HELP US PROMOTE SMALL LOCAL BUSINESSES.


Dianne Kennedy and Vendors

New Vendors

First of all we want to WELCOME OUR NEW VENDORS and hopefully each of you will visit their new booths and see the variety of product for your choosing.  Practically every inch is filled and the response to these new vendors has been terrific:

#3304 – Elaine Levi, Landmark Woodcrafters who has beautiful, interesting furniture that is created from old, gorgeous wood from many old buildings, mills, barns, etc.  She also does custom work to fit your needs.  Elaine also is helping with our Facebook page and Craigslist.  She would like for you to let her know about special items in your space that she can POST FOR YOU!  This is another way we want to help your merchandise reach more viewers.

#KM – Katie Murchison has brought in many handpainted items both new and vintage.  Many of the furniture pieces have been refurbished and painted by Katie.  Come see the lovely colors she has selected that will blend easily with so many styles of decorating.

#7726 – Angie and Jeremy Antrim have a wide range of colorful Deep Sleep Sheets, Premier 1800 and the best pillow I have ever tried!  Kings and queen sizes are already in and the single and double(full) will be soon.

#SRT- Stacy Trahan has a variety of household including a few very reasonable gift baskets that children would enjoy.  There is also one for St. Patrick’s Day in a green hat!

#SJF – Beth Jones has taken so many items like lampshades, jackets, shirts, suitcases and more to another level by embellishing them to create a very interesting new look.  Many items are also handmade.

#1080 – Christina Lohry has an amazing variety of dolls from all over the world, toys, musical instruments, primitive cradle, wooden child’s kitchen play ware and so much more.

#VM – Veronica Morris will be setting up her shelf today with a large selection of filled baskets for many occasions.  You will be able to find one for most any event or to just make someone happy that you have remembered them!

#8250 – Peter Basone is not new but he has expanded to a much larger space on the other side of the shop.  Many have asked when his booth was no longer there, but good news, he has just relocated and will be bringing in lots of interesting furniture, art and home decor.


Food Drive

Our big red container for holding nonperishable food items to be donated to those in need is nearly empty.  When you visit the shop or after visiting our neighbor, Harris-Teeter, would you find it in your heart to place an item in our red tub inside the front door?  Thank you for helping us.

Spring is Here!

Welcome Spring!
Our area is so vibrant with gorgeous colors and is changing daily to hail Spring and Easter!  We want to invite you to see our selection of plush, cloth and ceramic chicks, ducks, rabbits and more to add to your special decorations for this special season.  There are also very pretty inexpensive baskets already filled for all ages.  Many have been looking for cross earrings and necklaces….we have those too!

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