May 29th Embossing Medium Thursday 6pm Village Emporium

Price: $59.00

It’s all the rage! Now you can learn how to create a raised design on furniture for added depth and beauty make less-than- perfect pieces look fabulous. Learn to use stencils or even fabric to create beautiful results. After this class you’ll be ready to take your next project to the next level. PLUS, you’ll take home a stunning art piece made by YOU! Embossing Medium is an acrylic plaster used to create three dimensional effects on furniture & cabinets. This is my go to tool fpr creating works beautiful pieces.

Your full payment of $59 confirms your seat in the class. If you are unable to make it your payment of $59 will be applied to a future class. Call Alicia Slayton if you have any questions 980-254-6711.

This will be a very interesting and fun class! You will also be amazed at how easy embossing is and how fantastic it looks! There are only two days left to sign up for this class so why not get a friend to come along with you and enjoy a “girl’s-night-out”.

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