Village Emporium is happy to share an introduction to one of our recent new vendors, Sunny Bedenbaugh. We also invite you to come see her very interesting booth of painted furniture, vintage items, children’s clothing and so much more. Sunny also is fortunate to have her son, Patrick, who is her wonderful strong helper not only carrying items in but making very good suggestions for placement and merchandising for his mom. Sunny was gracious to submit the following information about how she got started in a business that has brought her to us:

“I started The Wishing Well in 1992 after we were involved in a very serious car wreck which left me unable to work for three years. Since I was not able to work and was confined to crutches I made a lot of crafts and sewed a lot too, I made wedding bells, wedding decor and quilts. In 2008 my friend asked me about opening a booth in a new antique mall and that would be a great way to be able to sell my arts and crafts; therefore I started my booth with a roll top desk, vintage secretary, pieces of vintage glassware and vintage baby clothing.

Having a booth is great and it is like owning your own business and only working when you want to! Since being diagnosed with STARI in 2005 I have gone from an extremely energetic busy person to a person who lives with pain daily and not able to out bed some days. Being an ABA therapist with special needs in the school system and then being unable to work at all left me very depressed. The Wishing Well has certainly given me self worth and helps me feel like I am contributing to my family’s income.

The business has also helped my autistic son realize there is a job for everyone, no matter what the disability might be. He loves helping me redo furniture and making things. Working the booth helps both of us meet new people, make new friends and increase our knowledge of the past and the way people used to live.”

I am extremely thankful for all of my customers.

Sunny Bedenbaugh
The Wishing Well

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