To my wonderful Village Emporium vendors, workers, friends and supportive family:

It has been a fantastic ride for twenty-one years! Now the time to say “goodbye” is drawing near due to a huge rent increase. Being 78 I knew some day I would need to close and now the sudden change leaves me no choice. I have enjoyed VE to the extent that it did not seem like work! Walking into the shop was like going into another room of our home where I found family and “things” I treasured.

As I think of life as a journey, it’s the little things that have made it a great ride: being happy, encouraging, having a strong faith, accepting things that I cannot change, and loving the simple things that are all around us.
Many VE vendors are interested in finding another location where you can continue to shop with them. I will still be in my small space in Sleepy Poet. I look forward to the rest of my ride as I find joy and peace while enjoying the simple things in life……you have probably all heard me say “I love rust”!!


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