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Painted Furniture by One of Our Customers

Painted FurnitureThese pictures were sent in by one of our customers who has used Paint Couture The Collection for his line of cabinets. I love the nice rustic look he has achieved.

DISTINCTIVE/DESIGN/BUILD REMODLING AND CUSTOM HOMES has shared this information with us. Thank you Erin Dougherty for the photos and comments below:
“I was clearing out photos and found some of the custom bookcase we built and finished with the Paint Couture system I bought from your store. I thought you’d be interested to see how it turned out! We started with a stain for the base, added two paint colors on top of that, distressed it, then finished with the glaze. As you can see – this is quite a large bookcase and we built it so that it can be taken apart and moved easily.”

Painted Furniture


Paint Class July 24th

July 24, Thursday Night 6:00 – 8:00


Learn the basics to enable you to paint furniture, cabinets and home decor items.  It is a hands-on class and you will take home samples of wht you can achieve with this wonderful acrylic line of easy to use paint developed right here in Charlotte.  The class is $59.00 and each student will receive a free jar of paint.  Space is limited.  Call Village Emporium , 704-849-8225, or come   in to secure your space.  Other classes will be announced.  
Village Emporium has a great selection of PAINT COUTURE THE COLLECTION for your painting needs.  Also we are happy and excited to talk to the customers about the products in the line.  It is the highest quality acrylic paint on the market and it is so easy to use.  The glazes are what sets this paint apart from other paints, plus it is self-leveling,  very safe low VOC, durable a joy to use.  EXPERIENCE THE EXCITEMENT OF THIS AMAZING COLLECTION!

Embossing Class May 29th

May 29th Embossing Medium Thursday 6pm Village Emporium

Price: $59.00

It’s all the rage! Now you can learn how to create a raised design on furniture for added depth and beauty make less-than- perfect pieces look fabulous. Learn to use stencils or even fabric to create beautiful results. After this class you’ll be ready to take your next project to the next level. PLUS, you’ll take home a stunning art piece made by YOU! Embossing Medium is an acrylic plaster used to create three dimensional effects on furniture & cabinets. This is my go to tool fpr creating works beautiful pieces.

Your full payment of $59 confirms your seat in the class. If you are unable to make it your payment of $59 will be applied to a future class. Call Alicia Slayton if you have any questions 980-254-6711.

This will be a very interesting and fun class! You will also be amazed at how easy embossing is and how fantastic it looks! There are only two days left to sign up for this class so why not get a friend to come along with you and enjoy a “girl’s-night-out”.

Chateau Burgandy

CHATEAU BURGUNDY PaintNEW color CHATEAU BURGUNDY by The Couture Collection!(TM) – Paint Couture! Smooth and elegant furniture paint, looks great glazed with our Rich Mahogany, Black Chiffon or Black Walnut Glaze Couture!(TM). Beauty & durability in one!